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Rats penitentiary - blitz

Bringing the Gaza Seddak, it was easy. A few feet to grease one or two promises and some good blackmail facilitate human relationships ...
Once the entire band joined us, Falikh me a discreet sign. Seddak was not the Suleman with whom we were doing our small strokes, a tattoo appeared on his left wrist, a dagger surrounded by eight points. All Khalimans his band had the same. What had he mixed up this time?
In the corridors of the penitentiary, the whispers sometimes reported the names of these bands tattooed, specialized in the assassination. Organizations where there was no time to grow old.

Formerly, when we stole in the streets of Shadukiam, Seddak was the spotter. He would do anything because it was too big and claimed he would identify much more easily than we puny Maliks. When we made fun of him, saying he was too afraid he supported us we would see one day. It would become more rich and powerful than us.

Anyway, the guys are quiet even puddles dotting the galleries were not lapping. And yet they still talk to each other to guide the hood which covers the face.
Just now, Falikh wanted to approach her to see what she looks like, but the flash of a blade was quickly pushed back. He now prefers to stay behind the group, leaving me to guide them. He just nods: Sorhna

I explain to Seddak, following me closely, it is necessary to cross the old weir to reach the prisoners. This weir is located just below the arena and the jailer will make us cross the grid will obviously be paid, he expects of us that makes him a favor in exchange for his silence. The light shining moment in the eyes of my former companion shows me he is definitely far from our childhood.

Here we are faced with the grid. Despite the silence in which we walked the galleries, the jailer we expect:
- Forty daomings.
- Forty! exclaims Seddak, we can equip an army with that.
- Three daomings per person, retorts the Sorhna through the grid, which already make you a nice sum.
- Forty, not one less ming. You are not able to haggle.
Seddak turns to me, furious. I shrugged, telling him to pay. The gate opens slowly. Two Maliks are engulfed, but the jailer is already immune.
- And since you like to haggle, said the jailer laughing, you will not leave the weir that when you have driven the rats that infest it. I have enough to make me bite the calves by these rots

Setting up the Battlefield

1) This scenario is intended to be played on a 24”x24” table. Players place 5 rat tokens on the center line (diameter 1 inch - size 1) spaced 4 inches edge to edge, the middle one being at the center of table (see diagram).

2) Players determine their table side. Each deployment zone behind a line at over 9 inches from the rats.

3) The players must then place 6 scenery elements (recommendation about the size of a playing card) according to the following rules:
- Scenery elements cannot be placed less than 3 inches from any table edge, objective or other scenery element.
- The players alternate placing the scenery elements. Randomly determine which player places the first scenery element.

4) The players then place 3 Alchemical Component markers with the following constraints:
- The markers must placed on a scenery element, at least 4 inches away from any other marker.
- The players place 1 of their markers in their table half, and 1 in their opponent's half. The players place the Alchemical Component markers alternately, one at a time, starting with the player who not place in first scenery element. The remaining marker can be placed in his own half table or opposing half table.
- All components MUST be placed on the table.


Both players deploy their miniatures in their respective deployment areas.
The players alternate deploying all the miniatures from one card at a time.
The player with the most cards starts. If both players have the same number of cards, the loser of an opposed Mind roll deploys first.

Victory Conditions

1) The first player who scores 8 victory points win. If at any time, both players manage to get 8 or more victory points in the same round or one player has no living miniatures, the result is a draw.
2) Maximum number of VP to win: 12
3) During the End Phase of each round, for each rat placed in the opponent zone, player scores 1 PV.

Special Rules

Rats begin the game in the den on the center line, ie in any area. Once moved, it may never return exactly on the line. If they have just enough movement to achieve it, considering they do not change area.

A miniature within 1 inch of a Rat can spend 2 Action Points to hunt of his den. He can move the Rat to a distance of 4 inches in any direction without crossing scenery element. Rats can cross miniatures.

Once out of their den, a miniature only needs 1 Action Point to hunt for up to 3 inches.

When Alchemist launches a successful formula, it can move a (single) Rat (even in a den). The movement of the Rat depends on the distance with the alchemist: up to 3 inches if it is less than 3 inches, 2 inches if it is less than 6 inches and 1 inch if it is less than 9 inches.
If Am'n Ayassarr uses necrosis Alchemical on an opposing alchemist, is considered to have started a formula successfully.