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Teleporters - blitz

Why I accepted this mission? But what possessed me to engage in this crazy adventure? In addition, coexist with Khalimans everyday, it becomes hard ... It itches out the sword and to use iron rather than words, to make them shut up in these beautiful speakers ... Even Khalimans of lower layer embrigués in dark assignments are forced to use a supported language ...

But ... I really need this fellow, we are a small group in the pay of the Pacha, and we apparently not the only ones on the trail of Hakan and Ifrit ... these escapees ghosts are real, we hear about, there is evidence but not able to get hold of it or be able to catch up ...

I wonder what will be the reaction Hakan when we go to meet him? We will be there you agree to follow and join his brother? Sure Omar Ibn Suleman will offer protection that will not find anywhere else on Mornea. Will this argument be enough? Now, none of us knows what is now binding and Hakan ifrit and their group of escapees ... What is their purpose? It seems in any case they move fast, they go down south, but for what purpose?

Paradoxically, he will perhaps have to face the escapees to root Hakan clutches of the ifrit, while it is rather against other groups it would fight to protect Hakan ... I am ready to shed blood and to bring Hakan by force if necessary ... With the reward promised by the Pasha, I'll be quiet for a few silenes ...

Traces still abound in this clearing ... They go straight for this post ... Nothing ... Incomprehensible then ... How many tracks can they go? And not one of them goes back or continues, they have vanished at the foot of this post ... It still feels alchemy under there ... or is it the post ... Whoooooshhh!

Oh! Incredible! But where am I? Traces! Here they are again in front of me, they continue along this clearing ... I'm somewhere else, I do not understand anything ... It is touching the post that I felt worn reduced, a funny feeling s' grabbed my body ... Ah, but there is a similar post in the first behind me ... Could it by that I arrived here? Whoooooshhh!

Setting up the Battlefield

1) This scenario is intended to be played on a 24”x24” table. Players place 8 teleporters (diameter 1 inch - size 2). (see diagram)

2) There's one deployment zone for 2 players (see diagram).

3) The players must then place 6 scenery elements (recommendation about the size of a playing card) according to the following rules:
- Scenery elements cannot be placed less than 3 inches from any table edge, objective or other scenery element.
- The players alternate placing the scenery elements. Randomly determine which player places the first scenery element.

4) The players then place 3 Alchemical Component markers with the following constraints:
- The markers must placed on a scenery element, at least 4 inches away from any other marker.
- The players place 1 of their markers in their table half, and 1 in their opponent's half. The players place the Alchemical Component markers alternately, one at a time, starting with the player who not place in first scenery element. The remaining marker can be placed in his own half table or opposing half table.
- All components MUST be placed on the table.


Both players deploy their miniatures in their respective deployment areas. The players alternate deploying all the miniatures from one card at a time. The player with the most cards starts. If both players have the same number of cards, the loser of an opposed Mind roll deploys first. Players must always place their miniatures more than 3 inches of a teleporter and more than one enemy model charge movement (note also the charge movement of the enemy model)

Victory Conditions

1) The first player who scores 14 victory points win. If at any time, both players manage to get 14 or more victory points in the same round or one player has no living miniatures, the result is a draw.
2) Maximum number of VP to win: 21
3) During the End Phase of each round, you score 1 VP per controlled teleporter.

Special Rules

Teleporters can be used from the first round. At the beginning of each round, they become neutral and markers are removed.

A miniature can borrow a Teleporter "entry" by putting in contact during a walking movement or running, in action or reaction. If there are tokens on the Teleporter "entry", he must spend 1 extra AP for each token. The player chose a Teleporter "exit" different and places the miniature at his contact, then model makes the end of the walk / run with the movement has left. A miniature can never finish a movement in contact with a teleporter. Slightly displacing the miniatures with teleporters to avoid confusion.

A token is placed on the Teleporter "entry" and one on the Teleporter "exit" and the player takes control of the Teleporter "entry" (you can use colored token to remember). A miniature that just came out with a Teleporter can not borrow until end of round. For each concentration level, alchemists ignore one token when borrowing a Teleporter. When several miniatures of the same profile card simultaneously move to borrow Teleporters, expenses of PA and tokens additions are made one by one, in the order chosen by the player.