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Cursed items - blitz

Zhu Weng wondered if he had done well to accept this mission and leave the beautiful city of Jewel to get into this mess with his men. Certain Collector abundance neighborhood had found some "unpleasant" things they could not get rid of. That was an understatement, since his group was carrying, they had a bad luck not possible, a true curse, and impossible to separate these objects.
A smile came to her lips a true curse yes. These objects were from the cursed barony of Avalon, and its sponsor had found nothing better than to send there, hoping that here it could get rid of. One week they already fouinaient in these putrid swamp without finding how to get rid ...
The scout had found a clearing where they could apparently break camp for the night. When he saw a group of Aurloks had also found refuge, Zhu Weng says that this was a good opportunity to finally get rid of these cursed items !!

Setting up the Battlefield

1) This scenario is intended to be played on a 24”x24” table. Players determine their table side. Each deployment zone behind a line at over 9 inches from midline.

2) The players must then place 6 scenery elements (recommendation about the size of a playing card) according to the following rules:
- Scenery elements cannot be placed less than 3 inches from any table edge, objective or other scenery element.
- The players alternate placing the scenery elements. Randomly determine which player places the first scenery element.

3) The players then place 3 Alchemical Component markers with the following constraints:
- The markers must placed on a scenery element, at least 4 inches away from any other marker.
- The players place 1 of their markers in their table half, and 1 in their opponent's half. The players place the Alchemical Component markers alternately, one at a time, starting with the player who not place in first scenery element. The remaining marker can be placed in his own half table or opposing half table.
- All components MUST be placed on the table.


Both players deploy their miniatures in their respective deployment areas.
The players alternate deploying all the miniatures from one card at a time.
The player with the most cards starts. If both players have the same number of cards, the loser of an opposed Mind roll deploys first. At the end of the deployment, each player distributes three cursed items on its miniatures.

Victory Conditions

1) The first player who scores 10 victory points win. If at any time, both players manage to get 10 or more victory points in the same round or one player has no living miniatures, the result is a draw.
2) Maximum number of VP to win: 15
3) During the End Phase of each round, each player has won as many as the number of PV cursed items worn by the miniatures of his opponent.

Special Rules

At no time a miniature can not bear more than two objects. Holders of an object has a Malus any their rolls, with the exception of alchemists thereof being immunized.

We can send a cursed item:
- At an enemy model when CC is played (only the active model can transmit a cursed object) against it. When solving the DAM, you can choose to inflict only 1 single DAM instead of normal DAM, and pass the object.
- A friendly miniature in contact at the end of an action.

If a model wearing a cursed item dies, the item is given to the nearest miniature and in case of equality (contact), the player who has just lost the miniature that chooses the next wearer. If less than 6 miniatures in play at that time, the cursed item is destroyed. The cursed item is removed from the game.