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The Wells - Blitz

What we have is more valuable when it is coveted by others.

Setting up the Battlefield

1) This scenario is intended to be played on a 24”x24” table. Players determine their table side.
4 tokens represent wells (diameter 1 inch, size 1). They are placed as diagram (centered on the middle of the midline).
2) The players must then place 6 scenery elements (recommendation about the size of a profile card) according to the following rules:
- Scenery elements cannot be placed less than 3 inches from any objective or other scenery element, and not on opposing deployment area.
- The players alternate placing the scenery elements. Randomly determine which player places the first scenery element.
3) The players then place 3 Alchemical Component markers with the following constraints:
- The markers must placed on a scenery element, at least 4 inches away from any other marker.
- The players place 1 of their markers in their table half, and 1 in their opponent's half. The players place the Alchemical Component markers alternately, one at a time, starting with the player who not place in first scenery element. The remaining marker can be placed in his own half table or opposing half table.
- All components MUST be placed on the table.


Both players deploy their miniatures in their respective deployment areas.
The players alternate deploying all the miniatures from one card at a time.
The player with the most cards starts. If both players have the same number of cards, the loser of an opposed Mind roll deploys first.

Victory Conditions

1) At the end of a round if a player has 12 VP or more, he wins. If several players have 12 VP or more, or a player has no miniatures, it’s a draw.
2) At the end of each round, players wins VP for each well they control. Number of VP depends miniatures near the well. Each controled well fact win 2 VP, more 1 VP for each opponent miniature at least 2 inches, less 1 VP for each friendly miniature at least 2 inches. A well cannot fact win less 0 VP.
3) Number of VP maximum to win: 17

Special Rules

Objective of game is to control wells.
More you have friendly models near wells and less you win VP.
More there is opposing models near wells and more you win VP.

The wells are neutral early in the game. A model within an inch of a well can spend 1AP to control it (either neutral or controlled by the opponent).