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The Founts Alchemic

Sometimes it happens that Alchemical founts form in a cluster of different elements. Controlling these founts promises huge rewards and they are much sought after, but they are a temporary phenomenon and controlling them can be difficult as they seem to respond differently to different persons seeking to exert their will over them and they have a tendency to shift around in most unexpected ways.

Setting up the Battlefield

1) This scenario is intended to be played on a table measuring 48" by 48".

2) Divide the battlefield from corner to corner and place the three Alchemical Founts onto this median line so that the middle one is in the center of the table and the two other ones on both sides of the center one and 12" from the two closest edges of the table.

3) Randomly choose one player to be player A while the other becomes player B.

4) The players must place at least 8 scenery elements, according to the following rules:
- Scenery cannot be placed less than 3 inches from any table edge, piece of scenery scenery or Alchemical Fount.
- The players place the scenery items alternatively. Player A begins.

5) Players randomly choose their deployment zones (corners).

6) Player A chooses an element for the center Fount (see Special Rules). Player B then chooses elements for the two other Founts.

7) The players then place four Alchemical Components tokens each (eight in total), according to the following rules:
- The tokens must be placed on scenery, at least 5 inches from any other Component..
- The players place one token in each 24" by 24" quarter of the battlefield.
- Player A begins.


The deployment area for each player is a five inch strip extending 24" from their corner along both table edges.

The players alternate deploying the miniatures from one card at a time in their respective deployment areas.
- The player with the most cards starts.
- If both players have the same number of cards, the one with the highest Mind value starts.
- If both players have the same Mind value, randomly determine who starts.

Victory Conditions

From the second turn onwards, when a player controls more Alchemical Founts (see Special Rules) than his opponent at the end of a turn he scores a victory point. The first player to score three victory points wins the game.

Special Rules

Alchemical Founts:

There are three Alchemical Founts on the battlefield. They don't affect movement or block line of sight.

Controlling a Fount:
- Each Fount is dedicated to one Element (Fire, Water, Air or Earth) and controlling a fount is done by calculating, for each side, the sum of the respective stat (Mind for Air Fount, for example) of each fighter they have at least partially withing four inches of the Fount.
- If a fighter ends up within the zone of two different Founts, they are counted only towards the control of the closest Fount.
- Alchemists add two points to their stat for the purposes of this calculation.
- The side with the higher sum is in control of the Fount.
- Note that Victory Points are awarded only from the second turn onwards.

Founts shifting:
- If a Fount is controlled at the end of a turn, after the Victory Points have been calculated, the non-controlling player can move the Fount up to eight inches in any direction, but it must not end up in a terrain piece or within three inches of another Fount.
- If both players are eligible to move a Fount, randomly determine which player moves the Fount(s) first.
- Note that this effect can happen at the end of the first turn, also.