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The Market of the Horn

This Alarig fellow might not have seemed very impressive at first, but in the end he played us well and managed to get out of sight. At that moment we had lost all hope of retrieving the artifacts he’d discovered. Judging by the number of people tracking him, his findings must be worth an inspiring amount of Daomings.

We were very uneasy about returning home empty-handed and having to justify our failure to the magistrate who gave us the mission. Captain Lu-Pan Chi was especially unhappy about that. Rumor had it that he would have been granted land and title if we’d succeeded.
At that moment our chances of finding the Avalonian scoundrel looked as thin as a lady’s veil in the Flower District of Xì Yì.

But Dao be praised, sometimes luck is on our side. While marching back to Xì Yì, we halted at the renowned Market of the Horns before taking the path through the Monkey Woods. And what did we see there? Our pal Alarig, casually sipping expensive nectar in a tavern. Our troops instantly ran forward to catch him and seeing us charge with weapons at the ready, he took off again quick as a rabbit.
We gave chase through the whole market; crossing through the shops and bumping into people. The smell of cooking food was everywhere and quite hard on our empty stomachs – it definitely didn’t help us focus on the pursuit.
Finally we managed to narrow the distance that separated us from him; an afternoon spent drinking in the sun certainly didn’t leave him in peak condition.
Regardless, we were about to close in on him when a group of cloaked figures grabbed him. In less time than it takes to say it, the rogues robbed him, smiled and disappeared as quickly as they’d arrived.

Our prey was exhaling his last breath in a series of bloody bubbles when we caught up to him. The only words we managed to understand were "…arggg ...is ...lodge ..."

Militia-lancer Yù Ban during an evening at the Inn of the Tortoise

Setting up the Battlefield

This scenario is intended to be played on a table measuring 48 by 36 inches.
The players will use the deployment areas specified on the map.

The map shows 9 different areas of the market (from A to I). Each of these areas is 16x6 inches and are placed on either side of the median line (areas D, E and F are placed on the median line).

Each player deploys a building (no larger than 3 inches by 3 inches) in each area. These scenery items represent the different shops and stalls of the market and are size 2.

The players then deploy two additional items of scenery on their side of the table, outside areas D, E and F. Bear in mind that all scenery items must be placed at least 3 inches from any table edge, other scenery items or objective markers.

The players then randomly choose their deployment area.

Each player places four alchemical component markers in contact with a piece of scenery as follows: each player places 2 markers on their side and two markers in the opponents side, alternating placement. Roll a die to see which player starts. These markers can not be placed in areas D, E and F.


Both players deploy their miniatures in their respective deployment areas.
The players alternate deploying all the miniatures from one card at a time.
The player with the most cards starts.
If both players have the same number of cards, the one with the highest Mind value starts.
If both players have the same Mind value, randomly determine who starts.

Victory Conditions

If at the end of any turn, a player has reached 20 victory points, he wins the game. In any other case or if either player has no miniatures left, the game is a draw.

Special Rules

At the end of each turn, each player adds up the Action Points value and recruitment points of all miniatures in an area.
The player with the higher total of Action Points AND recruitment value controls the area. If both players have the same total, neither one counts as controlling the area.
If a miniature ends its Activation on two or more areas, the player of the miniature decides which area the miniature is on. A miniature On the Watch that is reactivated can choose to change its area.

Value of the Areas
For the player 1 -
Areas A, B and C are worth 1 point.
Areas D, E and F are worth 2 points.
Areas G, H and I are worth 3 points.

For the player 2 -
Areas G, H and I are worth 1 point.
Areas D, E and F are worth 2 points.
Areas A, B and C are worth 3 points.

Gaining Victory Points
At the end of each turn, the Victory Points are counted and added to the Victory Points of all previous turns.

The number of victory point gained for each controlled area is equal to its value above (for example an area with a value of 2 brings 2 Victory Points).

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