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The Little Green Alchemist pt2: Pots o' Gold

After discovering the lucky charms, you learned this was but 1 ingredient of a secret alchemical formula Avalon has been using to experiment on human beings!! The second ingredient comes from a special alchemical component which shows up rarely. Avalonian alchemists have learned to track the appearance of this component by following the prismatic phenomenons that occur after rain storms: rainbows!! It is rumored these rare components are found at rainbow's end...

Setting up the Battlefield

This scenario is intended to be played on a table measuring 48" by 36".

The players must place at least 8 scenery elements with the following constraints:
- Each scenery element must be placed at least 3" from any table edge, objective, or any other scenery element.
- The players alternate placing one scenery element. Roll a die to see which player starts.

The players then define the gaming area:
The table is divided in two, lengthwise.
Each deployment area is 13" from the center line of the table.
The players then place three markers: one at the middle of the center line, and the two others on the median line, 12" from the center. These markers represent the possible location of the end of the rainbow and should all be on ground level/accessible to the miniatures.
The players then roll to determine on which side of the table they will deploy.

The players then place 8 Alchemical Component markers with the following constraints:
- The markers must be placed on a scenery element
- They must be at least 5 inches away from any other Alchemical Component marker.
- The players place 2 of their own component markers in their table half, and 2 in their opponent's half of the table. The players place the Alchemical Component markers alternately, one at a time, starting with the player who did not choose the side.
- All components MUST be placed on the table.


The players alternate deploying the miniatures from one card at a time in their respective deployment areas.
The player with the most cards starts.
If both players have the same number of cards, the one with the highest Mind value starts.
If both players have the same Mind value, randomly determine who starts.

Victory Conditions

The first player to reach 3 Victory Points at the end of a turn wins the game.
If both players manage to get 3 or more victory points in the same turn, the result is a draw.

If at any time, one player has no living miniatures, the result is a draw.

Special Rules

At the end of turn 1, one player rolls a white dice. Place a Pot o' Gold or other suitable counter on the marker corresponding to the number rolled.

During the turn, any miniature in base contact with the Pot o' Gold may spend 1 AP to gain a gold token from the Pot. A miniature can only gain 1 token per activation, but may carry up to 3 tokens at a time. When a miniature carrying tokens is killed, the carried tokens are dropped on the battlefield where the miniature was standing. Miniatures in base contact with dropped tokens may pick them up in the same way as taking them from the Pot o' Gold.

Starting at the end of turn 2 and all subsequent turns, roll 1 white dice. Move the Pot o' Gold counter to the newly rolled location. It is possible for the counter to go to the same location. If a miniature is standing on the spot where the counter would appear, it suffers 2 points of damage and is moved towards its own deployment zone by the closest route until there is enough room to place the counter.

Gaining Victory Points
At the end of the turn, each player scores a number of victory points depending on the number of carried gold tokens:
- 1 for every 3 tokens carried