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Beach of Tears

“...And if you hit them long enough and hard enough, they go poof. Burst into a shower of magic stones the size of your fist. In all colors, too. Make a man rich. Yes. And make a man powerful. Ha. Do you believe that? Ha! Ha!” – overheard in a bar late one night.

A small group of warriors approached an old well a short distance from the derelict tower of Xian-Nv Point. Ships had not passed close for a long time. The well was old, but they knew the water would be cool, fresh and easy to get.

Peering into its shallows they were filled with wonder. There swam the one thing they thought did not exist. A mermaid.

A mermaid in living, breathing color floated gently in the water... and maybe the most beautiful person they had ever seen. The fins on her lithe, violet tail spread like a sheer lilac gown and the rays of the sun caught on her scales, glinting in the light. She pointed to herself and said something so fast they hardly caught it. It sounded like, “Shana Leia.” The warriors could also see the coral blade slung at her hip. It looked sharp.

Then with accented, broken words she plead with them, “H-ha lp mmm.” And again, “Pla-ze. Halp... me.” The sound mesmerized even if the words did not.

She pointed to herself then pointed towards the sea. It was clear to the warriors that the sea was where she needed to go. And without legs she needed them to carry her there. But dark figures moved towards them from the beach.

An arrow splintered against the stone of the well as they lifted her out. The dark figures. They did not belong here.

This was not going to be easy.

Setting up the Battlefield

One player chooses to be the attacker and one the defender. The Attacker chooses one short table edge to be his side and the defender takes the opposite side (48 inches between opponents). Designate an extra model with a 25mm base as the mermaid. The mermaid is under control of the defending player as part of their faction and may be activated normally as part of the defending players turn.

This scenario is played on a standard 48 x 36 inch table.

3 inches inward from the attackers edge is the sea.
6 inches inward from the sea on the attackers side is the beach.
9 inches inward from the defenders edge is the well area.

The players must then place at least 8 scenery elements, according to the following rules:
- Scenery elements cannot be placed less than 3 inches from any table edge or other scenery elements.
- Scenery elements cannot be placed on the beach.
- The players alternate placing the scenery elements. Randomly determine which player places the first scenery element.

The players then place 4 of their component tokens, according to the following rules:
- The tokens must be placed on scenery elements, at least 5 inches from any other token.
- Players MUST be able to place all their tokens (if that is not possible, alter the number and position of the scenery elements).


All attacking players models are first deployed anywhere along the beach.

The well is then placed within 9 inches of the defenders table edge. The mermaid is deployed within the well. Finally, the defending player deploys his models anywhere within 8 inches of the well.

Randomly determine who starts the game using an initiative roll. In case of a tie, re-roll.

Victory Conditions

The defender must carry the mermaid into the sea while the attacker must try and dispatch the mermaid.
If the mermaid model enters the sea then the defenders are victorious.
If the mermaid is removed as a casualty then the attackers are victorious.
If all the models on one side are removed as casualties then the game is a draw. Do not count the mermaid for this purpose.

Special Rules

The Crackleshell Scrimshaw is not functioning for some reason. It won't even sound when she blows it. The mermaid does not know why.

Carrying the Mermaid
Once in base contact, a defender model may either pick up or put down the mermaid once during its activation as a free action. For instance, a model may activate, spend 1 AP to walk 3 inches of its movement into base contact with the mermaid, then pick up the mermaid who is in Close Combat, then walk its last 3 inches of the move. Once picked up the mermaid is On Watch until put down again.

Both models, carrier and mermaid, are moved at the same time but only the movement for the model doing the carrying is measured. IE: The carrier model walks as normal. Then the mermaid is placed at any location in base contact with the carrier to finish the move.

A model carrying the mermaid may not make charges or run actions and may not pick up the mermaid while charging or running. A model carrying the mermaid may not complete any formulas. A model carrying the mermaid may not shoot, or throw any weapons.

The mermaid may not be charged while being carried. While being carried the mermaid is considered to always have cover.

Successfully charging a model carrying the mermaid will force the model to put down the mermaid as a free reaction after the charger has moved but before combat cards are chosen. The mermaid model may then be moved to any location in base contact with her carrier as part of this reaction.