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Hostage Exchange

Through border skirmishes and acts of guerilla warfare a character from each army present has been captured by the opposing player and a hostage exchange has been agreed upon, or has it. In the middle of the exchange bolts from somewhere unknown have hit the soldiers escorting the characters for the exchange. Now each character must make a mad dash to their own lines and be safely extracted.

Setting up the Battlefield

each warband puts on character in the center of the board both of which start play knocked down with a guard from the opposing side down.


Deployment other then above follows standard deployment.

Victory Conditions

Victory is achieved by getting the captured character and the warband's other character safely off the battlefield. First character being the captured one.

Special Rules

The Hostage character starts the game with -1 to all his stats including action points. If the character is an alchemist he does not start with any stones. However once he reaches his own sides lines he will regain all that he has lost. This is mainly to simulate the character having been interrogated tortured and his stuff taken from him. You gain one victory point for each character that leaves the board edge on your side. But this must start with the recently released character.
If both sides manage to get all their characters off the board the side that got them off faster wins.