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Control the Jin Posts

The scouts who left the previous day were definite; the small canyon hidden in the heart of the maze of red rock they had explored over the last few days held a great many Jin posts.

Garlan and his company had marched here with the goal of setting up a fortified outpost to control access to the Jin posts. And since each Jin post indicated the presence of a significant amount of Alchemical stones, it was imperative that they took control of them.

Turning a last corner in this labyrinth of earth, he could finally see the posts, nestled in the heart of a deep ravine crossed by a small watercourse.

But they were not alone. They would first have to clear the area of the thieving Aurloks before building an outpost.

Setting up the Battlefield

First you must identify a median line of the battlefield (choose the longer one if your table is rectangular).

You then place three neutral scenery elements on this median line so that the median line is split in four equal segments. Then place a Jin Post (size of a 25mm base) on each of these scenery elements and check that they are separated by equally long segments.

Then you will place six Tinted scenery elements. Each of these scenery elements must have a spot the size of a 25mm base or larger from which the Alchemists can harvest Alchemical components.

Each player places three of these Tinted scenery elements. The scenery elements of the player are Tinted with the element of the faction he plays - Fire, Earth, Water or Air.

Each player places, one after the other:

* 1 scenery element of the opponent on the opponent’s side of the table.
* 1 scenery element of the opponent on his own side.
* 1 scenery element of his own on his own side.

Determine by rolling the dice which player places the first piece of scenery.
The scenery elements must be at least 10 inches away from each other and at least 6 inches away from the Jin posts.
These scenery elements should be no wider than 8 inches.


Your miniatures must be deployed on your side of the table and at least 13 inches from the Jin Posts. (This means no miniature can take control of a Jin Post in the first round).

The player with greater number of profile cards starts deploying first. If both players have the same number of cards, roll to see who starts.

The first player picks one of his profile cards and deploys the miniatures linked to the card. Then the other player deploys one of his cards. Alternate players until all miniatures have been deployed.

Victory Conditions

The first player to reach 3 Victory points wins the game. Any other result is a draw.

Special Rules

The Jin posts mark places were huge veins of Alchemical stones can be found and are actively sought after and searched for.

The Jin posts are considered neutral at the beginning of the game and each player is trying to gain control of them. During the game, if a miniature is within 1 inch of a neutral Jin post, it can spend two APs to seize control of it.
If a Jin post is under the control of the opponent, a miniature can expend 2 APs to break that control and cause the post to be neutral again.
Controlling a Jin post does not require the miniature to stay near it. Control is kept until an opposing miniature neutralizes the Jin post. The allegiance of a Jin post can change many times during a game or even during a round.

During the End Phase of each round, the player controlling the most Jin Posts gains 1 Victory Point. If both players control the same number of Jin posts, no Victory Points are gained by either.

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