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It was a dark and stormy night when the scouts found the enemy camp. Lightning cracked through the sky, showing silhouettes of the sentries sheltering from the soaking shower.

Setting up the Battlefield

The battle takes place on a 48" x 48" area.

Before deploying any fighters the defender must place one "tent" marker for each complete 150 AP of their force.

Each side has three pieces of tinted scenery. Starting with the defender, each player must place one element in turn. Elements may not be placed within 6" of another element or an edge of the table.


The defender must setup first within 10" of the centre of the table. The defender must place at least one fighter within each tent. Other fighters may be deployed either within a tent or in clear terrain within the defender's deployment area.

The attacker then deploys their fighters within 5" of any table edge.

Victory Conditions

The attackers must destroy all of the defenders' tents to win. The defenders must eliminate more than half of the attackers to win.

Special Rules

To set fire to a tent an attacker must spend 2 AP while in contact with a tent and unengaged by an enemy. To extinguish a fire on a tent a defender must spend 2 AP while in contact with a tent and unengaged by an enemy. Any tents still on fire at the end of a round are destroyed: remove the tent marker from the table. Any fighters within a destroyed tent suffer one white die of damage.